Monday, February 6, 2012

it's all alright, it's alright

it's alright... it's alright

give it to me

it's alright, it's alright

what you've done is alrigt, everything, every mistakes you have done

hold on,
every body hurts, every body hurts sometimes
hold on, hold on

when you think you are alone, it is not.
hold on, hold on,

when the world does not go on your way, don't be mad to it.
it is just because of my personality that goes bad and good sometimes.
sometimes, my performance get down, sometimes good. it's alright

we are living in the world where unexpected bad things happen, it's alright

don't be too concerned to it now, the new day will come. the day with new chances is waiting for us

just wait, hold on, your day will come to you

these meanings of 3 songs I was listening to awaken me. it's alright when you did a mistake. hold on, it's not only you who suffer everythings in life, it's only because of your performace get bad sometimes, godd things will happen soon, just wait and keep going

these are the modified-brief summaries of "Give It to Me" by Korean band 2PM, "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M., and "Mr, Simple" by SuJu.

in Give it to me, I ignore the true meaning. Just try to listen to it without taking into consideration the translation in english, just make your own translation, whatever you want.. : when listening to "it's alright part", I felt it's alright for my mistakes, just keep going, "give it to me", and I will solve your problems... this is the meaning I imagine myself


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note : I am not advertising the songs nor advising anyone to get the pirated songs

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